About Board 360

Board members

An all-inclusive credit union board training, tracking, and reporting application

Your board is an invaluable resource to your credit union. An investment in your board members' education is an investment in your credit union's future.

Credit union board governance and leadership training made easy.

Board 360 was created to meet the professional development and training requirements of credit union boards and their directors. Board 360 is designed to help your credit union build a better board.

Training tailored to your board members' needs



As a baseline, ask each member of your board to complete profiles and assessments to determine their education, experience, and competencies.



Use the individual or aggregated profile and assessment reports to identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend training for each board member.



Have board members view the Board 360 courses, videos, and webinars that you've identified each needs to enhance their knowledge.



Use the constantly-updated course completion data and assessment results to report on each board member's training progress, as required.

Training built with expert advice.

Risk management, employment law, financial regulations, leadership...these are just some of the specialities of the experts who have helped us build Board 360.

Training that fills in the gaps

With relevant, up-to-date content, Board 360's courses, videos, and webinars cover the topics your board members need to know. And its assessments tell you what you need to know about your board and its directors.


Board 360 courses


Board 360 assessments


Board 360 videos


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