DICO Assessment Coaching Session with Andy Poprawa

What is the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (DICO) really looking for from the DICO assessments in Board 360? Does your board understand the questions and the impact to your credit union? CU Training has arranged a virtual director coaching session with Andy Poprawa to review strategies for completing the DICO assessments, and will focus on the key questions directors and credit unions may have. Andy will host a Q&A session with participants, who will remain confidential. This session will be recorded and available in Board 360 after the event.

Andy Poprawa is Board 360 advisor. As a former regulator with 35 years’ experience in senior regulatory, governance, financial, risk management, and leadership roles, Andy served as President and CEO of DICO, and as a senior regulator with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. He is also a co-founder and long time chair of the International Credit Union Regulators Network. Andy currently serves on a number of boards, works with credit unions, and provides strategic advice to regulators around the world.

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