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CU Training is proud to partner with HR Performance Solutions to make their successful compensation and performance management software solutions available to credit unions and other organizations in Canada.

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Performance Management

To perform at their best, employees need to feel valued. To demonstrate that value, your organization can set up achievable, performance-based goals that provides employees with incentives to work hard while still maintaining the overall objective of the company. When an employee's goals are in line with, and directly feed into, an organization's strategic goals, everyone succeeds.

Performance Pro empowers managers and employees to initiate feedback and rewards in a way that is motivating, while still meeting the overall objectives of the organization’s performance management program.

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Compensation Management

To attract and retain the best people, you need to provide competitive salaries and compensation packages. Compease supports your organization's compensation philosophy while enabling you to confidently manage salary administration.

Compease goes beyond offering market-based salary data by allowing HR to identify potential pay-related inequities, while also helping to explain why some positions carry higher or lower salary ranges. This enables organizations to determine appropriate reward amounts (e.g., bonuses, raises, etc.) and empowers managers to reward employees when they respond to feedback.

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