TLC 360 Pro

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The value-added answer in a comprehensive credit union training package.

Maximize your training investment with TLC 360 Pro. It's a comprehensive credit union training package that includes a powerful learning management system combined with an extensive library of credit union-specific courses.

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The training solution with the features learners want and administrators need.

Concise, engaging courses means learners retain what they've studied because their training is enjoyable. And smart, easy-to-use management tools enable administrators to quickly schedule, track, and report on the training in their credit union. It's a win-win for everyone!

Why do credit unions, training administrators, and learners rely on TLC 360 Pro?

  Credit unions can:

  • Monitor, measure, & manage employee training
  • Report on training to executives & regulators
  • Use knowledge gap analyses to assist with staffing
  • Reduce risk through effective training
  • Improve member service
  • Brand TLC 360’s login with their logo
  • Be confident that all training content reflects current legislation and regulations

  Administrators can:

  • Reduce training administration
  • Easily monitor employees’ progress
  • Schedule training for all staff, or by branch, group, position, or individual
  • Customize or create courses
  • Import external courses
  • Guide employees' career development
  • Generate certificates & reports
  • Analyze exam results by branch, position, group, and individual
  • Pinpoint areas of employee difficulty
  • Report on employees' training

  Learners can:

  • Learn more through engaging training
  • Know what training they need to take and when
  • Know the competencies required in their job
  • Identify prospective positions and map out a career path
  • Track their learning progress and achievements
  • Increase their service and business skills knowledge
  • Generate completion certificates
  • Take charge of their own training

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What's our secret weapon? Your content!

Does your credit union have proprietary content that you want to turn into learning curriculum? TLC 360 Pro's integrated authoring tool, Mentor Pro, allows you to customize any existing course or create your own courses and exams to establish your credit union's unique training curriculum.

Training that engages AND enlightens.

Training doesn't have to be boring. TLC 360 Pro's courses combine a variety of interactive formats to appeal to different learning styles, while maximizing engagement and increasing knowledge retention. The extensive Credit Union Foundational Library included with TLC Pro contains more than 100 financial services courses and exams. It's learning designed to make the grade.

Looking for credit union AND business skills training for your employees? Check out TLC 360 Platinum, which includes CU Training's Credit Union Foundational Library as well as a Business Skills Development Library in partnership with Skillsoft®, a leading provider of e-learning.

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Ready to see TLC 360 Pro in action?

We'd be pleased to shown you exactly how TLC 360 Pro, our comprehensive credit union training package, can deliver the training your credit union needs, and to answer any questions you may have.

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