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Board 360: New “Just A Minute” Videos

New Videos Added to the Board 360 Library!

We’re excited to announce that Board 360’s “Just a Minute” video feature now includes six engaging new videos about leadership authored by Jon & Colette Close from the UpCloseTeam.

Video Topics Include:

  • How does educating our board affect the performance of our organization?
  • What is a consent agenda and what are the benefits of using one at regular board meetings?
  • What’s my leadership role?
  • What are my leadership responsibilities?
  • What key areas of financial management should our board focus on?
  • What are my key obligations to the members of our organization or the stakeholder community?

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Here’s a sample Just A Minute Video from Jon Close at UpCloseTeam:

Build a stronger board with Board 360, your solution to evaluate, measure and support your board with powerful self assessment profiles, access to industry advisors and relevant board training.

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