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Show your employees they're valued

Providing achievable, performance-based goals demonstrates to your employees that they’re valued. Move beyond the standard year-end appraisals with a solution that provides ongoing coaching and feedback and enables your organization to align personal goals and your credit union’s strategic plan.

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Why choose Performance Pro performance management software?

Performance Pro, from HR Performance Solutions, provides credit unions of all sizes with best-in-class performance management software that was designed to improve employee performance and engagement. By eliminating repetitive administrative tasks and streamlining and archiving interactions between management and employees, your HR department’s workload is simplified. You'll get the most out of your employees while your credit union continues to stay nimble.

Support the performance management culture at your organization with Performance Pro through:

Integrated Learning & Performance Management

Enhance employee development through automated competency-based course assignment and ongoing assessment of progress.

Pay for Performance

Use monetary rewards to better motivate and engage employees towards goal achievement.

Feedback Facilitation

Supports and bridges the gap between annual reviews by providing timely, meaningful feedback and recognition.


Automates a current or newly designed performance management program.

Goal Management & Alignment

Enables managers to continuously track and align workplace performance goals directly to corporate strategies.

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