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Board 360 Content

Board 360 board-specific learning content is timely, relevant, and updated regularly. Whether presented as a course, a video, or a webinar, all Board 360 material is focused on board-required credit union topics, and specifically geared to the learning needs of credit union board members.

All learning content is developed in conjunction with credit union regulators and experts, so you can be confident that it is accurate, practical, and comprehensive. Board members can complete content individually, or as a group, to facilitate discussion on topics of concern to your credit union.

Courses and Assessments (Quizzes)

Board 360 courses are detailed, yet engaging, and cover topics ranging from financial literacy to Canadian credit union legislation.

The accompanying assessment (quiz) for each course tests what the board member has learned. Experienced directors can skip the course and simply challenge the assessment.

Board 360's course library consists of 30 online courses and associated quizzes, with new topics added regularly.

Welcome to Credit Unions
Credit Union Structure
and the Board
Board Evaluations and Performance
Credit Union Operations
Regulatory Environment
Financial Literacy
Financial Literary
Financial Management Reporting
Reading Financial Reports
Ratios and Trends
Audit and Compliance
Leadership & Risk
Governance and Ethics
Leadership and Communications
Strategic Planning
Risk Management -
Assets and Liabilities
Risk Management - Capital
Risk Management - Liquidity and Credit
Business Continuity Planning
Compliance & Security
AML for Directors
AML and the Risk-Based Approach
CSEC for Directors
Schemes, Scams, and Spies
Operating Legislation
Health and Safety
Workplace Violence and Harassment
Accessibility Standards
Collection Laws and Regulations


Board 360's self-assessments provide credit unions with the tools to determine their board members' knowledge and identify where additional training may be required. A board assessment also enables board members to provide feedback about their board's performance. Insightful reports identify the competencies each individual brings to your board, and pinpoint any gaps.

Directors indicate their knowledge of nine core competencies by selecting statements organized into four levels of difficulty. Credit unions can use directors’ responses to identify where training may be required.
Basic Assessment
Good Assessment
Strong Assessment
Expert Assessment
Deposit Insurance Corp. of Ontario
Based on assessments created by DICO, these can be used to determine directors’ knowledge of nine core competencies, identify gaps in competency requirements, and highlight areas where additional training may be required.
Intro to Self-Assessment
Audit and Compliance
Board and CEO Performance
Credit Union Operations
Financial Literacy
Governance and Ethics
Leadership and Communication
Regulatory Environment
Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Stabilization Central of BC
Board Assessment
Directors can use these assessments to compare their board’s performance to SCCU’s six Principles of Good Governance. Credit unions can use this feedback to address where knowledge is lacking and training may be required.
Principles of Good Governance
Principle 1 - Role Responsibilities
Principle 2 - Risk Governance
Principle 3 - Strategy Planning
Principle 4 - Effective Team
Principle 5 - Accountability
Principle 6 - Co-operation


Board 360's short, value-packed Just A Minute videos make it easy for your board members to access the valuable information provided by our advisory team of industry experts. Here's a sampling of some of our videos:

Internal Audit

Presented by Fred Zdan of PRA Group


Personal Liability of Directors

Presented y Peter J. Brown of EKB


Board Education

Presented by John Close of UpCloseTeam

We're constantly adding to our library of videos. While all videos discuss topics pertinent to the financial industry, and in particular, credit unions, many have been produced in response to questions posed from Board 360 members through its "Ask An Advisor" feature.

Board Education
Consent Agenda
Credit Union Director Leadership Role
Leadership Responsibilities
Financial Management for Boards
Director Obligations
Privacy Considerations
Communications Regarding New Services
Anti-Spam Legislation Communications
Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
Non-Competition Agreements
Terminating Executive Employees
Supervising Management
Personal Liability of Directors
Owing Duties
Duties of CU Directors, Part 1
Duties of CU Directors, Part 2
Regulatory Expectations
Allocating Limited Resources
Institute of Internal Auditors
Internal Audit Performance
Audit Committee Packages
Internal Audit Function Performance
Asset Liability Management
Liquidity Contingency Planning
Preparing for a Regulatory Examination
Low Board Turnover
Creating Value with ERM
In Control
Monitoring Liquidity
Capital Contingency Planning
Monitoring Capital
Stress Testing
Differences in Approach
Succession Planning
Strategic Planning
Internal Audit
Enterprise Risk Management
Three Lines of Defence


Board 360's webinars are deep dives into topics of current interest to those in the financial industry. Our webinars are presented live, then recorded. As a Board 360 member, you can attend the live webinar, or view the recorded session at any time. Here is a sampling of a few screens from several of our recent webinars:

IFRS 9 Made Easy

Presented by Jannine Scheurmann, Independent Consultant


The CEO's Governance Role

Presented by John Close of UpClose Team

We're adding new titles to our webinar library all the time. Watch for new titles on topics trending in the financial industry.

2019 AML Update for Board Members
DICO Director Training and Qualification Assessment Coaching
Securitization 101 for Board Members
IFRS 9 Made Easy for Directors and Senior Management
CEOs: What's Your Role on the Governance as Leadership Process?
How a Risk-Based Supervision Framework Affects Board Governance

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