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Training Tools

Engage, empower, excel with training tools from CU Training.

Intuitive Training Tools to Supercharge Learning

Take your organization's training to the next level with tools that engage and empower employees.

With its non-technical, intuitive interface, Mentor Pro allows trainers to focus on content and learning objectives — no technical expertise required.
What can you do with Mentor Pro?
  • Customize existing CU Training library content, or create your own courses and exams.
  • Align training with your unique brand, culture, and business requirements.
  • Incorporate your credit union’s logo, images, videos, and documents into your training.
  • Import and/or link to external documents and agreements.
  • Zero-in on important changes (updated content is highlighted, even in customized courses).
What does MentorPro include?
  • Reusable content to simplify and accelerate course creation.
  • Flexible templates for learning objectives, questions/answers, scenarios, and quizzes.
  • A library of images and avatars/presenters.
  • A ‘Click to Accept’ template for use with Code of Conduct and other policies.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable support, available via e-mail or toll-free telephone.
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The Catalogue of Member Product and Services Solutions (COMPASS) is an online product and service catalogue, quick reference, and knowledge repository. Whether used in frontline communications or boardroom planning, COMPASS is an indispensable training tool.
What can you do with COMPASS?
  • Provide product and service information, when and where employees need it.
  • Link to credit union-specific documents and forms.
  • Provide employees with sales tips to identify cross-selling opportunities.
  • Create member scenarios to help employees respond to members' questions.
  • Add and share internal policies and procedures.
  • Customize content to align with your credit union’s unique offerings, brand, and culture.
What does COMPASS include?
  • Product information sheets that can be emailed or printed on demand.
  • Financial services descriptions, features and benefits, rates and pricing, technical and legal details, sales tips, and customer scenarios.
  • Exams that measure employees’ product and service knowledge.

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    The CUizz is a game creator that engages employees with quizzes that teach and entertain. Use The CUizz to create custom games that reinforce training and knowledge objectives.
    What can you do with The CUizz?
    • Play games individually or as a group, increasing employee engagement.
    • Create games on any subject.
    • Track points on-screen to provide instant feedback and keep learners motivated.
    • Use as an employee coaching tool (managers can view quiz results).
    • Reinforce knowledge of critical risk and compliance topics.
    What does The CUizz come with?
  • Preloaded with a number of customizable games.
  • Time-limited questions that make the games increasingly challenging.

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